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Divorce, Dissolution of Marriage, Family Law

 The terms Divorce, Dissolution of Marriage and Family Law are sometimes used interchangeably. Family Law is a broad category that is not necessarily dependent upon a marriage or civil unions.   We practice and can help you with all aspects of Family Law matter.

Collaborative Law or Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Law or Collaborative Divorce provides an alternative process for resolving your family law matter. The Collaborative process is a team effort where all participants are focused on resolving the case for the parties.  The process can make a divorce action less painful, costly, and time consuming. 

Custody and Visitation / Allocation of Parental Responsibility and Parenting Time

Your children and their welfare is quite possibly the most important aspect of your divorce or parentage case.  Illinois has replaced the terms of custody and visitation with allocation of parental responsibility and parenting time.  Parenting Agreements shouldn't be entered into without giving careful consideration to the terms and exactly how they will work in your life and with your family. We are experienced in coming up with unique solutions tailored to your situation.  These documents, sometimes drafted when your children are very young and while you may be under considerable pressure and stress may govern your relationship with your children for many years and can have long lasting implications.